Buffy Cast Reunion…On Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Instagram


It’s somehow been 12 years since Buffy The Vampire Slayer wrapped it’s final episode, but fans have never quite been able to let go of the iconic series. Fortunately, they never really have to thanks to the seemingly neverending gift that is Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Instagram. Taken as a whole the former Buffy Summers’ Instagram presence is nothing short of on-point (her throwback Thursdays will set any fanboy’s hear a’flutter) but in recent months fans have been treated to something extra special, a series of impromptu cast reunions that prove the spirit of Buffy is alive and well.

SMG set the internet ablaze on Saturday when she posted this candid selfie with Alyson Denisof (nee Hannigan) who played Buffy’s witch-Bestie Willow Rosenberg on the show. Rumors have circulated for years that the two former co-stars aren’t on the best of terms but we’re thrilled to see those rumors put to rest.