Chipper Jones, Baseball Star, Challenges Whiner To Fight In Amazing Twitter Feud Over Autograph

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Like some real-life version of The Incredibles, former Atlanta Braves baseball star Chipper Jones apparently hurt the feelings of some fanboy who nursed a grudge for years. Unlike The Incredibles though, this kid didn’t grow up to build some doomsday device — nope, he just got pissy on Twitter. I tell ya, we’re a lazy generation.

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The feud was initiated by Twitter user, “Captain America” (yeesh) after he made a negative comment on Chipper Jones’ Twitter page recently. For added cringe, notice that Cappy has already bragged about the brief verbal scrum in his Twitter bio:

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Allegedly Chipper didn’t sign a baseball autograph for an eight-year-old Captain America — and Cappy has long since nursed the grudge, calling Chipper “sh*t.” Chipper didn’t take kindly to the shade and the following happened:

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(special thanks to Sporting News for arranging the tweets)

Of course, as Busted Coverage points out, the rabbit hole continued onto direct Twitter messages with Chipper challenging the guy to a fight for calling out his special lady friend.

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Ultimately Chipper discovered how to block the so-called “Keyboard Clown” (great phrase, btw. I’m totally gonna start using it) and another feud was in the new media books. Now, though, we get the added benefit of funny Twitter users who aren’t disturbed and/or whiny coming out of the woodwork to make light of the sitch:

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Good stuff all around.

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