Clash Gitans! Shirtless French Gang Threats Are Next YouTube Trend — Parodies Pour In

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Okay, this one is gonna take a little explaining …

So the next big trend on YouTube is looking like it could be these shirtless French gangs making threats on YouTube. The videos, which are popping up online, are a sort of call and response amongst a violent and passionate extended family in the Gitano region of France.

Though the videos are in French, it’s easy enough to turn on the subtitles and set them to English. Of course, the gist of what is being screamed is easy enough to interpret once you know the backstory.

Allegedly, this scrum dates back to an incident in 2012, where one of the family members, nicknamed Djo (somehow short for the much more French sounding “Christophe”) was involved in a shootout. He got sentenced to five years in prison, clearly served three and is now out on parole.

His cousin, David, filmed an angry video, screaming at Djo and crew.

Djo then filmed one right back at him. And then ANOTHER group of Lopez’s got involved and now it’s a whole thing.

Of course that doesn’t explain why exactly Djo and pals are so angry at the other members of the Lopez family, but things are serious as you can tell by the back and forth videos that have cropped up on YouTube now. Something about a knife getting pulled — now it’s all gone crazy.

France is apparently numbered into regions, so that is where all the number posturing comes in to play. It’s sort of like screaming out your area code in a turf dispute (or like yelling “World Star Hip Hop” before you punch someone on film).

And though the words are meant to be taken seriously, already the parodies are starting to pour in from unaffiliated 3rd parties who just want to do some shirtless venting of their own. It’s all pretty fantastic.

We apologize for any video overlap — some of the videos listed decided to attach the initial videos to their responses. But this is pretty awesome. I suddenly want to make one of these videos.

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