Detective Web Series “Under Covers” — “Brooklyn Nine Nine” Meets “Cheaters”

under covers 2

There really aren’t enough good cop shows on YouTube, so when we heard about a Chicago-based web series described as “a crime comedy that takes the quirkiness of Brooklyn Nine Nine, gets it drunk and has a one night stand with Cheaters” — well, how could we resist. The pilot episode of “Under Covers” was released on Funny Or Die on April 27, and with more than 10,000 views racked up in its first three days, the series is off to a strong start.

“Under Covers” follows the mishaps of undercover detectives Cortez and Nate, “the best dicks in the biz,” who investigate crimes of the heart — aka try to sleep with their clients’ girlfriends to prove that they’re cheating. (“We tailed the target…” “YEAH ya did!”) In their off hours they navigate their own love lives and share a grubby studio apartment with their friend Barry.

The first episode is engaging and funny, poking fun of all your favorite Buddy Cop Show tropes – the odd couple of squinty ladies man Cortez and wisecracking goofball Nate, the sassy secretary at the front desk, the snappy one-liners. “Hey, when [the client] gets here, can I do the whole sit-on-the-side-of-the-desk thing?” says Nate at one point.

The next two episodes are in pre-production; in the meantime, you can check out teasers and outtakes at Funny Or Die.

“Under Covers” was filmed and independently produced in Chicago by Arrow & Key Productions. It was written by co-star Carlo Lorenzo Garcia, a writer/actor who has recently worked on episodes of Empire and Chicago PD, and directed by Elena Muntean. It also stars Nick Mikula and features Natalie DiCristofano, Kasia Januszewski, Spenser Davis, Joshua Hanson, and Shade Murray.


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