Discovery Digital Networks Newfront, Louis Cole, SourceFed Gaming, Virtual Reality and More


There was a lot to take in at the Discovery Digital Newfront presentation yesterday in midtown Manhattan. In a chic restaurant perched above New York’s Times Square packed with advertisers, press, and YouTube stars, Discovery unveiled their big content plans for 2015. From launching a globetrotting travel series with new partner Louis Cole, to new and returning collaborations with Phillip DeFranco and his SourceFed team, Discovery has a lot in store for fans. There were plenty of celebrities and familiar favorites in attendance and on the programming slate, but two big ideas loomed largest.

Discovery is rolling out a ton of new shows and verticals, but the warmest audience response definitely went to Seeker. The adventure and personal journey based network that Discovery rolled out back in March will play home to Louis Cole’s globetrotting travel series Flying The Globe as well as new series’ from Jason Silva, conservationist traveler Donnie Vincent and journalist Laura Ling, among many others. The network will maintain its focus on adventure, travel, and providing viewers with a window into unique life experiences.


That desire to provide immersive experiences will guide much of Discovery’s programming in the coming year. The network plans to expand its popular live streaming offerings. Discovery will add 100 animal live streams to its current compliment of animal cams available through Discovery live. Rather than creating content, Discovery believes that live streams will be a way to cultivate uniquely engaged viewer communities.


The network will also expand on its interest in immersive media by becoming one of the first to embrace virtual reality content. A planned digital companion of the popular Myth Busters series will feature streamable virtual reality footage that will take viewers inside the crashes, explosions, and experiments that have made the show a long running hit.


Finally, Discovery is also in the process of developing new programming with existing partners like TLC and, along with a new gaming focused property from SourceFed. Phillip DeFranco, Reina Scully, William Haynes, and Steve Zaragoza were on hand to introduce SoureFed’s growing slate of programs. Super Panic Frenzy, which launched in March shortly after Seeker, will be the latest addition to the DeFranco family of channels. The channel will cover the ever expanding world of online gaming with lets plays, original animation, and Twitch live streams all curated by DeFranco, Reina Scully, and Stephen Suptic.

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