Does This Cosplayers DOTA 2 Look Go Too Far?

Cosplay is a hobby with a long and storied history, but thanks to the internet’s ability to foster vibrant communities, the art of costume creation has exploded in recent years.

We’re constantly impressed with the incredible creativity and ingenuity displayed by cosplayers on YouTube and beyond, but we’re a little concerned that Táy Máy Tò Mò might LITERALLY explode in this amazing look inspired by DOTA 2’ s Lina.


Cosplay takes a phenomental amount of time, effort, and dedication, but does this costume go too far? The flames definitely take this costume from impressive to epic. You probably didn’t even notice that this costume is totally low-fi, made mostly from floor mats and Coca Cola cans. Still, even the most hardcore cosplayers would probably hesitate to immolate themselves in order to get the perfect look.


Fortunately, Táy Máy Tò Mò knows his way around an open flame. He’s covered in a flame retardant gel that protects him from the heat of his new look and allows him to handle fire without losing any skin. It’s definitely one of the most impressive cosplays we’ve seen to date.

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