Dude Perfect Nails This Interview On The First Try!

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Quick, what’s the most fun YouTube channel you could possibly have? I bet some of you said a makeup channel like Zoella’s or one that tests electronic gadgets like Marques Brownlee’s. That’s good — except you’re wrong. DUDE PERFECT HAS THE MOST FUN. What’s great about Dude Perfect is, not only are they doing exactly what they want to be doing in life, they’re doing it as a team. A group of friends. There isn’t jealousy at being excluded, there isn’t some friends having to work while others go on vacation — everything they do is as best friends hanging out together. It’s like Epic Meal Time without the calories.

From making incredible trick shots to hanging out with star celebrities and athletes to having five million subscribers on YouTube, the Dude Perfect channel seems like one big party. And if not for my horrendous inability to make a basket during a simple game of HORSE, I would absolutely beg to join them.

But as it stands, Ty Toney, Coby and Cory Cotton, Garrett Hilbert and Cody Jones and their mysterious panda mascot have a rock solid crew. And since they are involved in the 10 Years of YouTube celebration happening all this month, YouTube Space L.A. gave NMR the terrific opportunity to talk sports and stereotypes with Ty. Yes, I realize the irony of espousing the importance of group involvement and then just talking to one member, but you know what? They’re Dude Perfect, the coolest Texans since Gary Kubiak came to be the head coach of my beloved Denver Broncos — they can do whatever the hell they want. Ty was a little wiped out from appearing on Good Morning America before we spoke, but he was, um, game to tackle my stupid questions.

What’s the most common question you guys get asked?

Ty: The most common question is how many attempts to make a shot — and it’s not a particular shot, just any shot. And that’s probably the number one question we get asked. The number two most common question we get asked is ‘Who is Panda?’

We’re not gonna ask who Panda IS, but what’s the Panda mascot about?

Well, we were sittin’ around one day and we’re kind of a team without a league — we compete in every contest or sport that we can dream up and we’re the self-appointed world champions of whatever we do, so you think “Dude Perfect is king, it’s grand.” We kind of wear our own merchandise, stuff like that, so we’ve got our team uniforms so to speak. We don’t have any cheerleaders, but we thought, Hey, why not have a mascot? So we got online one day and started looking up mascots. You know, the iguana was a first effort for us, then an armadillo, but they weren’t as cuddly or fun as a panda. So, for whatever reason, we all kind of voted in on the panda and said, “That’s gonna be our mascot.”

Last time you were on Good Morning America, they investigated you to see if you were faking your shots … did they do that again this time?

Yeah, we didn’t get any questions asked about that this time — I guess after six years of doing this and working with the likes of Tim McGraw, Odell Beckham Jr. and Johnny Manziel and Kobe Bryant, you know I think there are enough people out in the world who have worked with us and seen it first hand that they know everything we do is a hundred percent real. That was six years ago that Good Morning America showcased our video and asked “Are these guys for real?” The funny thing to us is, we look back on that and the kind of shots we were doing and in our mind weren’t really that crazy or amazing — it’s the kind of stuff you could do in your house’s backyard. But now we do stuff out of an airplane or with a giant slingshot and it’s pretty amazing and pretty unbelievable, but that’s fine. We get asked that question all the time.

Why has Guinness Book of World Records not recognized you guys for the longest shot?

Now, I don’t want to say anything negative about the Guinness folks, but for Guinness to recognize any world record, basically what you do is you pay Guinness to come out and watch you do something. And we’re still freshly out of college, so we’ve never felt the real need to pay Guinness to come out and sit around and watch us create the world’s longest slingshot or the world’s most amazing bowling trick or whatever it might be. So that’s why we don’t walk around with a lot of Guinness trophies on our wall, I guess.

What would be your dream shot? Is something like outer space in the cards?

One concept we’ve always talked about doing is a circus magician. But as the guy that gets shot out of the cannon, we thought, okay, I don’t know if someone could physically hold on to a basketball or football while they’re being shot out of a cannon. Then we’re thinkin’ being shot out of a cannon, maybe through a ring of fire and either dunking or throwing the ball through some type of goal or target would be pretty cool. The problem is we’ve drawn straws on that and nobody seems to admit if they’ve drawn the short straw, so I don’t know if that’ll ever happen or not. That’s one we’ve actually talked about — we did think we were gonna be doing one on the back of a motorcycle. It would be fun to hang on the back of a motorcycle while he takes some kind of crazy jump in the air. Again, we love the ring of fire concept, so we were thinkin’ of throwing that in too and doing something spectacular that way. So that may be more realistic than the shot-out-of-a-cannon thing.