Dude Perfect Nails This Interview On The First Try!

Have there been any tricks that you had to scrap while doing them just because you guys could not hit the shot?

You know, we’ve never attempted a shot we haven’t made. Now, we run into some really, really big challenges — like the Goodyear Blimp. We wanted to make a shot out of the Goodyear Blimp and we didn’t know this, but the blimp is only able to fly in certain weather conditions. You’d think if it’s not thunder and lightning, okay you can fly the blimp. But if the wind is over a certain speed and the cloud cover is under a certain elevation, and there are all these different types of things. We only had two days with the blimp because it had to fly out to a sporting event, and we missed one whole day just because of bad weather. We were sitting in the hangar ready to go and then we never did. So we scrambled on the second day to get up in the air and take that shot. But we’ve never had a shot or a stunt that we set out to do that we haven’t been able to accomplish.

Now on the other hand, have you ever gotten a major shot on the first try?

Oh yeah, we’ve had several of those. Probably the most spectacular one is the airplane shot we did for General Motors. We did that on the second try. But Cowboys Stadium, that was on the first try — it’s hard unless you know our video library really well, but the one over the house was a first try, the one in the lake off the … whatever you call those, they’re kind of like air pillows that you jump onto and launch somebody into the air, that was the first try … so we’ve got quite a few that we get on the first try. One interesting thing that a lot of people ask us is how do we practice the shots — we don’t practice any of the shots. How do you practice being launched from a thing in the lake, some kind of blob substance, so we don’t practice any thing that we do. The very first attempt we do, we’re rolling cameras. That’s why you’ve got to roll cameras and make sure everything is set up right the first time. Because if you make it on the first try and you weren’t set up, then you’re kicking yourself.

What’s your thoughts on the Legendary Shots YouTube channel? Are these guys stealing your bit or what?

Oh not at all, not at all. There are several trick shot channels out there. We kind of feel like we’re helping shepherd in a whole new realm of competitors. The X Games did a lot for non-traditional sports (outside of) basketball or football or baseball, people who are great at snow skiing or skateboarding or snowboarding now all of a sudden came out, and they can compete on a global basis and so we kinda think this concept of trick shots, we’re kind of legitimizing it. The more and more people that do it, that just adds credibility to what we do. I think what we’ve done with YouTube goes so far beyond just shots or stunts that we do. One of the more popular series we have on YouTube right now is Common Stereotypes, which is all about the common stereotypes of pickup basketball or the common stereotypes of moviegoers or things like that. So it’s kind of funny that when people reach out to us now, they classify us more as entertainers than they do as trick shot artists. We love that people are out there doing some of the same things we’re doing and we wish them all the best.