Dude Perfect Nails This Interview On The First Try!

What’s been your favorite moment as a YouTuber so far?

Wow, that’s hard to say. I mean, last night Bruno Mars came out and performed at the end of the event last night, which was a whole lot of fun. I think it’s just getting to meet these athletes and celebrities and just getting to find out that they’re fans of ours. It was crazy, we got a call from Russell Wilson to come out and film with the Seattle Seahawks and we didn’t realize Pete Carroll was actually showing our videos in team meetings to just kind of get everybody in a good mood and break up the tension and let everybody have a good time. So my favorite moment is just this platform we have and finding out there are fans that we actually look up to and consider heroes and they are fans of ours — it’s such a surreal concept.

If you were in a zombie apocalypse, who would be your go-to athlete or celebrity to survive with?

My initial reaction is Chuck Norris, but Chuck’s a little old now, so … you know, I think … you know … that’s a really great question. I think I gotta go with Arnold Schwarzenegger. He’s older as well, but I think going with Arnold into battle, that’s probably a good thing.

Do you guys use PEDs? Is there going to be an asterisk next to your name in the YouTube Hall of Fame?

Uhhh, you know that … I think we’re pretty safe on that. I can pretty confidently say that you’re not going to see any asterisks next to anything that we’ve done. We drink a lot of Dr. Pepper, I’ll tell you that. We’ve got to have that caffeine in us to keep us going sometimes, but I don’t think you’ll see any issues there.

Well what’s coming up for you guys next?

We’re still gonna be doing appearances on traditional television. We’re gonna be working with Nickelodeon for the Kid’s Sports Choice Awards, we worked on that with Michael Strahan last year, so to do that again is pretty special and working with Russell Wilson on it, we’ve already worked with Russell, so we’re just thinking about some of the fun things we can do on the show. We’ve also been contacted by the Espy Awards to be on that this year, you’re gonna see some new content that we’re gonna create that’s coming out on YouTube, kinda like Stereotypes. It’s different than the stunt-based, trick shot content that we do, so you’ll see us continue to take a stand on that. We’ve got a brand new mobile game that’s comin’ out. Our first one was one of the top performing mobile apps on the iPhone and Android platforms. And now we’ve got a new one that’s coming out this month, so a lot of exciting things happening.


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