Epic Meal Time Creates Epic Taco Bell Quesarito

Apparently Taco Bell Canada has a tiger mascot. I don’t know what tigers have to do with Taco Bell, Canada or Epic Meal Time, but I dig it.

See, Epic Meal Time has partnered up with Taco Bell Canada to make delicious music together — music in the form of the new Quesarito, that is. Of course, because it’s Epic Meal Time, the Quesarito gets an Epic upgrade. With almost 39,000 calories and over 2400 grams of fat, this beautiful cheesy beast that is the size of a bath mat means I would still have enough caloric “grey area” to get a Baja Blast Freeze (I need help!).

Toting some contest winning kid along for the culinary ride, Epic Meal Time and the Taco Bell tiger look to be having more fun than should be associated with “work.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 1.23.25 PM

Previously the Canadian YouTubers Epic Meal Time helped shill some bacon cheeseburger for Carl’s Jr, so this is a delicious stop on their circle of fast food promotions. At least with Harley shaving his beard off he doesn’t have to worry about getting all that cheese in it anymore.

“Collective Digital Studio has partnered with Blue Ant Media to broker a deal between Taco Bell Canada and Epic Meal Time to launch the Taco Bell Quesarito.”

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