Every [Blank] Ever: Smosh Debuts New Series


Now that Newfronts are finally over, we can expect to finally start seeing all the new YouTube programming that the MCNs and other video companies promised in New York. One of the first to debut is Smosh’s Every (Blank) Ever, a new series in which YouTube’s foremost comic duo hilariously dismantles the clichés of modern internet life.

The first episode “Every Instagram Ever” is definitely lol worthy. Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla are joined by several familiar faces from Smosh’s stable of recurring players.  Fans should have no trouble spotting Noah Grossman, Keith Leak, and Olivia Sui recreating some painfully familiar Insta-moments. The first episode also features an appearance by Joe Bereta. Bereta recently left SourceFed for Defy Media and will serve as creative director on the series along with (we hope) making the occasional cameo appearance.


True to YouTube form, the series will be interactive and fans can submit suggestions for topics to be lampooned. From social media to pop culture, nothing is off limits.

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