Facebook ‘Creep’ Who ‘Took Picture Of Kids’ Receives Death Threats — Actually Just Likes Star Wars

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An Australian dad is considering his legal options after he was exposed as a child predator on the internet. Except, as the man was forced to clarify after receiving death threats, he ain’t no damn pervert.

On internet holiday May the 4th, the dad, who has declined to be named, saw a cardboard standee of Darth Vader in an Australian Target. Deciding to take his first-ever selfie to send to his children who like “nerd culture,” the man snapped a photo, after informing nearby kids what he was doing. “I said ‘I’ll only be a second, I’m taking a selfie to send to my kids,” the dad explained to the Daily Mail Australia.

Somehow the mom of those kids decided he was some sort of monster. Ahh, this friggin’ paranoid society of ours. She informed store management and managed to snap a picture of the man as he fled the scene (or, you know, left the store). She then posted the man’s picture on Facebook along with a post explaining that he was without question some demon in human form.

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The post took off and the internet did its thing to track down and harass the family and threaten the man. “We’re a very strong, community-minded family and we’ve never had any issue with any form of impropriety and all of a sudden my name is smeared,” he says, apparently devastated by what the experience has done to him and his family.

In addition to sharing the photo he took as evidence, he also went straight to the police and explained his side of the story upon learning from a colleague that he was internet infamous. The woman, also unidentified, has since taken down the offending post, but the damage is done.

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So now all that’s left is for this falsely libeled dad to figure out how to recover his life. No easy task in today’s quick-to-accuse world where no one bothers to read the retractions, only the accusations.

Hopefully this does a bit towards helping to clear this man’s name, but I don’t kid myself: there are going to be thousands of people who will forever know this poor guy as a creep. And nothing will change their minds. Welcome to the internet.

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