FailArmy is Adding Some “FU” Into Your Life With FailArmy U

FailArmy has launched FailArmy U, also known as FU, to bring the joy of failure into your life and put it into your hands!

The channel initially launched in April with its series “Top Fails Breakdown,” in which audience comments are intergrated into the show in a unique and hysterical fashion. Three hosts, Chris, Courtney, and Nick, break down the latest and greatest in failures from the previous week. So far, the show has been happily received by those of us obsessed with the scourges of humanity.

Jonathan Skogmo, the founder of Jukin Media, which owns and operates FailyArmy, said of the new channel, “FailArmy has an incredibly passionate and engaged fanbase. Top Fails Breakdown works so well because it leverages the fans’ passion and creativity in the creation of the format.”

While “Top Fails Breakdown” is the first show on the channel, it won’t be the only show. The channel will be launching a series of experimental programming and collaborating with other YouTubers as well.

You can catch FailArmy U here!

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