Famous Great White Shark, Mary Lee, Eats Twitter

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If you aren’t following Mary Lee, the parody account of a now-famous Great White Shark, you’re missing out on some killer bite. The great white shark, one of hundreds tagged by research organization OCEARCH, has attracted thousands of new followers on Twitter — 56,900 followers to be exact.

So what sets Mary Lee apart from the other sharks? She’s got wit to go with her fins. Mary Lee, a parody account created by an unknown journalist, utilizes the tracking information put up by OCEARCH to create funny tweets for her fans. Tweets like:

Though not affiliated with OCEARCH, the journalist in charge of the account has OSEARCH’s approval for now. “They’re really clever, they really like sharks and they’re on a mission, so we’re just kind of rolling with it,” said OCEARCH lead Chris Fischer, who named Mary Lee after his mother.

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Now Mary Lee joins other celebrity sharks on social media like Katharine, The Average Shark and Lydia Shark.

Yeah, lot of shark traffic out there.

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