Fan Theory Connects All of the “Far Cry” Games

What if I were to tell you that all of the “Far Cry” games are connected via the main characters? In the words of Eurogamer’s Ian Higton, “The clue is in the name, people!”

Eurogamer explains a theory that attempts to connect the dots between the different chapters in the thoroughly wild and twisted series of open-world shooters that is “Far Cry”. Some of this speculation may not even be true, but that doesn’t matter, because when looked at as a whole, this theory really checks out.

The video starts off explaining that in the end of “Far Cry: Instincts”, protagonist Jack Carver receives a mysterious box. The contents of the box are not shown, but it is speculated that the box contains diamonds.

Now, in this theory, Higton says that Jack Carver is the same person as The Jackal, the main villain from Far Cry 2, which would explain as to how The Jackal’s love for shiny things started.


Those very diamonds show up again in Far Cry 4, where you have to collect a fair amount of boxes that contain said blood diamonds for a character named Longinus – a shell-shocked character that was once a warlord from a central African state, but now is all about Jesus and the Bible.

Another resounding piece of evidence that ties all these games together is a happy-go-lucky character called Hurk.


Hurk first shows up in the franchise for Far Cry 3’s “Monkey Business” DLC, where he mentions conflict diamonds that come from Bowa-Seko, which just so happens to be the southern region of the country that “Far Cry 2” takes place. Hurk shows up again in “Far Cry 4”, with a more central role in the game. In a cut scene, he mentions how him and Ajay are “tat brothers”, and then states the following:

“I got tattoos for me and Jason, me and Jack, and I’m saving my back for me and Ajay man!”

Jason is the protagonist for “Far Cry 3” and Jack is the protagonist for “Far Cry 1”.

Coincidence? I think not!

The most interesting part of this theory is when you come across Longinus one last time before he departs.

Longinus states that his work in Kyrat is complete, and God is sending him somewhere else, like South America or Cuba. Turns out, in a leaked Ubisoft survey, one of the potential locations for the next installment is Peru, which is in South America.

I’m not that into fan theories about video games, but this one is seriously backed up by a ton of evidence. I’ve played Far Cry 2, 3 and 4, and I think it is safe to say that this theory mostly checks out, but we will have to wait and see.