Flula Borg Dishes on Pitch Perfect 2! [INTERVIEW]

This week at NMR we had the chance to catch up with the indomitable Flula Borg and chat with him about his role in the upcoming musical “Pitch Perfect 2!”

Editor’s Note: Below is our unedited interview because to edit it felt like sacrilege. Enjoy!

Can you tell us about your character in the film?

My Character is like the Man who does enjoy to steal Cookys from Children, but instead of stealing Cookys I Sing and Dance without Instruments.

Was it challenging working with people who don’t sing as well as you can?

All the Dudes and Ladys had very tasti Voices! I am just happy that my tasti Voice was also included in this delishus Chili Stew of Sound!

Flula 3

What were some of the challenges you faced during production?

I like to eat Snacks, and some-times I could not find the Snacks. But then a man or woman would point to me the Snack Table, and I would eat them up so hard because I am loving Snacks.

Can you tell us about your favorite on-set moment?

One time I was doing Jumping Jack motions and then a nice Makeup Woman did say “Hey stop that I am trying to applicate Makeup on your Face!”

What kind of response have you gotten from the fans about your role?

Everyone does seem very pumped up about this role, and they are telling me this, and so I am now pumped up as well! It is like when your uncle screams “watch out, here comes some Pigeons!” and then because he is screaming this you want to scream it as well! It is so contagion this screaming!


Compared to producing your own videos, how was the experience on a film set different or similar?

The Cameras are definite larger, and there is a different Human for all the roles on this large set; normally I do have to do these by myself. The only role which I have on my set and that they did not have on the film set was Head Sock Cousin.

Flula 2

Did you learn anything from the filmmakers that you might incorporate into your own productions?

Yes! Snack Tables.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in the YouTube space?

Just start to upload Videos, do not think too much, or at the least do not let your thinking prevention your Uploads. It is always better to create then to sit around and think and not DO!!!

Should we be looking forward to seeing you as the lead in Pitch Perfect 3?

Aktually I have already written Pitch Perfect 3. In this Film I play a Bangladeshi Grandmother who teaches a group of alligators in a New Jersey Zoo how to sing Irish folk tunes. Sniffle Sniffle, I smell Oscars in my Futures!

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Please watch Pitch Perfect 2, you will love it and also want to spoon it like a cute Kitten Puppy.


Bonus! Flula did a hilarious interview with his cast mates:

You heard the man! “Pitch Perfect 2” will be out in theaters this Friday, get your tickets while you can!