FOX Cancelled The Mindy Project, Hulu Can Save It…Maybe They Shouldn’t


FOX has finally pulled the plug on The Mindy Project. The show has had a complicated relationship with fans and critics, many of whom have rooted for the show even as it struggled to find its feet over three seasons. It’s relationship with ratings has been considerably more black and white, and after turning in disappointing numbers for almost its entire third season the network has decided to turn the lights out.

Of course this is 2015, so “cancelled” doesn’t necessarily mean the end — especially for a show with a strong cult following like The Mindy Project. Fans have already started campaigning for a web platform like Hulu or Yahoo to pick up the show, with Hulu leading the pack in potentially interested new homes. It’s wonderful that we live in a time where super engaged fans can leverage the internet to rescue to beloved show from oblivion, but this time … maybe we shouldn’t.

There’s a lot to recommend The Mindy Project. It has a strong cast of talented actors and Mindy Kaling is the kind of creator and star that we don’t often see on television. There are still comparatively few women creating television, and even in the era of Shonda Rhimes and the Empire phenomenon, women of color are still fighting for a place at the television table. If you think that’s even more reason to pray that the Hulu gods rescue Mindy from oblivion then I say, think again.


You may not have noticed but we’re in the middle of a zombie apocalypse right now. The internet is littered with the walking dead, shows that networks tried to kill only to see them brought back to shambling half-life by the internet. Fans wanted more Community even though that show had more or less run out of ideas, and Yahoo obliged even though neither the audience, nor the laughs, have really turned up. Netflix started the zombie outbreak when it revived cult hit Arrested Development for a fourth season to much fanfare and a lot of bad reviews. Now the streaming platform’s promise of a fifth season of Arrested feels more like a threat.

The Mindy Project had a great run. It started off promising but with problems, and while it gradually improved, it never quite figured out all of its issues. The show had a talented supporting cast that it only occasionally remembered to use, at its best it was pretty good — at its worst it was disappointing. Let’s let it go and free Mindy Kaling to make something new and amazing instead of creating another zombie season for the internet. Mindy (the show) is dead, long live Mindy (the creator) instead.

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