GAME OF THRONES PRANK – Real Life Lannisters

There are a lot of ways a Game of Thrones prank could have gone, so we decided to go the social experiment angle, make Game of Thrones In Real Life, and see what it’d be like to actually live with The Lannisters. For this Game of Thrones prank, we did something crazy. An incest prank. Aka the worst roommate prank ever. Cersei and Jaime Lannister sex scenes are all over YouTube, and since they are brother and sister, that means we’ve got incest scenes on our hands. Scrubbing through those videos, fans of Game of Thrones sex scenes seem to forget about that whole incestuous couple thing. We wanted to see what would happen if we set up a room in a gorgeous penthouse for rent (our very own King’s Landing), with very cheap rent, but the catch is, you’d be living with the Lannisters, aka an incestuous brother and sister. If that weren’t enough, we went ahead and threw an angry Tyrion Lannister at them too. Watch to see where the breaking point is (it might not be where you’d expect). The final question is, what would YOU do?

Let us know what Game of Thrones references you caught in the video.

Also let us know, what “IN REAL LIFE” prank we should do next!

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Jaime Lannister – Justin Michael Terry
Cersei Lannister – Chandra Brenner
Tyrion Lannister – Kyle Pacek

* CREW *

Directed by: Filup Molina, Ted Marsden
Production Supervisor: Ted Marsden
Head of Production: Filup Molina
Executive Producers: Nathan Jordan, Rory Haines

Edited by: Ted Marsden, Filup Molina
Shot by: Trent Barboza

NOTE: Incest is a taboo subject and not one to be taken lightly. Both our social experiment and Game of Thrones are portraying FICTIONAL siblings. If you or anyone you know is a victim of incest and need help, visit for assistance in your area.