Gary the Goat Is Free To Swear Again: YouTube Suspension Overturned!

(image credit: Daily Telegraph)

(image credit: Daily Telegraph)

Gary the Goat is one of the most popular Australian YouTube channels. Comprised of a man, Jimbo Bazoobi, and his awesome pet goat, the Gary the Goat channel has previously attracted a lot of controversy from whiny YouTubers. Revolving heavily around Gary standing there innocuously while Jimbo cracks profane sex jokes, the channel has soared in popularity — but that has also brought fussy a**holes out of the woodwork.

Last week Gary the Goat’s channel was suspended by YouTube — an automatic response from the video platform from people flagging the videos as offensive. Once they determined that Gary the Goat was not rich in nudity or excessive violence — which it isn’t — they returned the channel to full operating status.

In a series of comments to the Daily Telegraph, Jimbo explained the hard reality of profanity and filthy humor on YouTube:

“The thing is, if I decided to do something that doesn’t upset anybody, Gary would probably have about three followers.”

Mr Bazoobi said he had once tried to “tone down” his comedy routine, “but I didn’t get those belly laughs from the audience”.

“The only thing I guide my posts on is if no-one laughs. I’ll pull it down if everyone says it wasn’t funny,” he said. “Gary brings more joy to people than distress. As long as the ledger is like that, I think it’s all right. But I’m not going to pull it down if I’ve got 20,000 likes and three people are upset. If I was doing something that was truly offensive, like being racist or homophobic or just being a bully or a c …, people wouldn’t respond to it.”

But now, with full clearance from YouTube, Jimbo and Gary the Goat are free to cuss up a storm.

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