Google Chrome Eats All of the RAM And We Love It Anyway

Image via Wired

Google’s Chrome browser has been the king for a very long time, and sometimes, the king can get a little full of himself.

In this case, Chrome’s usage of RAM has reached to levels of tyranny never thought possible in the PC kingdom. Seriously, look how much it eats up:


Image via Lifehacker

There’s a ton of reasons why Chrome chooses to eat up RAM like Pacman eats pellets, from how many tabs you have open, to the number of extensions you’re running (I’m looking at you, adblock), and whatever apps happen to be open because you had no idea they were running to begin with. All of these thing are going to eat up a metric tons of memory because Chrome takes all of these tasks and runs them on each tab separately.

If you’re tab crazy like me, that’s going to bog you down:


I know, I have a problem. Don’t judge me.

Let’s not forget all of the backend stuff that everyone forgets about too. That stuff is going to clog up your system like…well just insert whatever gross clogging example you can think of here.

There’s a few tricks to get your RAM usage down if it’s actually bogging down your computer:

Pressing Shift+Esc will open up Chrome’s task manager, and you can check how much memory is being taken and by what. Here you can find out all about those plug-ins you forgot you installed and clean house.


Unless you like them, then at this point you make the plug-in setting to check in or use click to play to activate them. You can do this on the content settings page, and select ”Let me choose when to run plugin content”. If you don’t want to do that for the sites you visit the most often, you can set them as an exception to the rule.

Tab junkies like myself can install extensions like The Great Suspender, which will “unload” of tabs that have been inactive for a certain period of time. The tab stays open, it just keeps them from actively running and reloads them when you need them again.

Inevitably you’ll figure out what works best for you and keeping your PC running ship shape.

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