Grace Helbig Show Doomed To Sunday Night ‘Meth Audience’

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E!, the entertainment news channel has perhaps just dealt The Grace Helbig Show a death blow.

Previously airing on Friday nights for E!, The Grace Helbig Show has been pushed off to Sunday nights at 11pm — a time slot that is more apt for meth users buying vacuum attachments off of QVC.

With Grace having a young audience, it will be unlikely that parents allow their children to stay up on what is now a school night to catch the comedian doing her schtick with YouTube pals.

The announcement came in the form of a video posted to her YouTube channel in which she discusses the graduation speech she recently did for her alma mater — Ramapo college in New Jersey. Perhaps ominously, perhaps astutely, the main part of the speech addressed failure.

Probably the best graduation speaker millennials could hope for, Grace, an ‘07 graduate, talked specifically about the time she auditioned for Saturday Night Live — and failed. She points out that failing breeds success — because it compels you to tackle your fears.

Captured by a graduate, video of the speech was posted to the Nelli WWW YouTube channel.

Was Grace setting up a talking point to soften the blow of her new television show slipping in the ratings?

While she appears excited in her video making the announcement of the time slot switch, the beautiful/awesome/talented/hilarious star assuredly understands the ramifications of the move and what it could mean for The Grace Helbig Show.

If the show doesn’t find an audience on Sundays at 11 (and really, what does?), the show will likely be cancelled. In the eyes of its younger viewers though, it essentially already has been.

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