HelloGiggles Blogger Molly McAleer Wrote a Book to Pay for Rehab

Writer and blogger Molly McAleer (Image credit: Duane Fernandez)

Writer and blogger Molly McAleer (Image credit: Duane Fernandez)

Amidst the onslaught of memoirs from new media personalities, every once in awhile, a book from an actual writer slips through. This time, in the form of an eBook by blogger (HelloGiggles.com), television writer (2 Broke Girls), and twitter funny-gal (@molls) Molly McAleer.

McAleer visited the popular podcast Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend to discuss the genesis and contents of her tell-all, titled The Alcoholic Bitch Who Ruined Your Life.

The book took shape from a diary McAleer kept while she was in rehab. And why was she in rehab? To write a book. “Here’s this e-book idea, I’m going to go to rehab. I’m going to keep a diary,” she told her publisher. “It’s going to be a total hero’s journey. [I’m just] going to be sober from there on out. And that’s going to be my book. Can I have some money?”

While she does admit to drinking (which she attributes to a “guy” requesting she switch from smoking weed to drinking wine, and telling her she was “a lot better as a drunk”), McAleer says that, despite her book’s title, she doesn’t consider herself an alcoholic.

Is this the case of a writer capitalizing on society’s curiosity about the inner workings of rehab to sell a book, or some serious denial? Or maybe it just lands somewhere in between. Listen to the full podcast here to find out, and to hear McAleer and Alison Rosen discuss other aspects of the former’s life, including writing for 2 Broke Girls, Catholic shame, her childhood adventures in AOL chat rooms, and Whitney Cummings purchasing her desk.

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