How to Do Effective Power Text Hack That Makes iPhones Crash (And How To Stop It)

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So the latest trend making its way around the social media catwalk is a creepy one.

Like something out of a Japanese horror movie, there’s this text you can send to someone’s iPhone that makes the system crash!

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The crash text, which works only for iPhones apparently, is called the Effective Power text because it essentially revolves around someone texting the phrase “effective.Power” to your Apple phone along with a string of cryptic symbols. It also allegedly works on most Apple products including the Apple Watch, MacBooks and iPads.

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You can create the glitch by copy/pasting the text and symbols and sending the phrase to your friend’s iPhone. It’s somehow a glitch in the iPhone’s operating system which causes it to overload and restart. The internet has been going nuts with the glitch, sending it to fellow iPhone users left and right, causing first panic, then annoyance, then glee when they start using it on others. It’s like a zombie apocalypse in text form.

The Viners especially have been having a field day with it, hurriedly making Vines to capitalize on the trend before Apple can resolve their effective.Power issues. Here are some good ones:

Unfortunately, not all the Viners are enjoying the ruckus. Jimmy Murrill just wants it to Stahhhhhp!

If you’ve been a victim of the Effective Power text, you know it’s a pain — so here is how you can fix it temporarily:

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But mostly, it’s a great way to cause malevolence. So which side are you? Good guy or bad guy?

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