How To Get Famous On YouTube The Scott Rea Way


Sometimes it seems like the only way to make it on YouTube these days is to be a handsome floppy haired teenaged Brit or a makeup guru who can execute a flawless liquid line, but every now and then the ‘tubes surprise even us.

Scott Rea of The Scott Rea Project may be British, but at 43 he’s left his days of floppy fringe and cheeky catchphrases far behind him. The father of three has been building an impressive YouTube following the old fashioned way, by showing people something they haven’t seen before.

Rea is a butcher by profession and has earned his following making how-to videos that teach viewers the tricks of the trade. From his backyard shed he demonstrates old-school butchery techniques for preparing fresh game and making hearty traditional meals, to the delight of almost 7 million subscribers. Among his fan base are celebrity chefs like Nigel Slater, Aldo Zilli and Phil Vickery all of whom were charmed by Rea’s straight forward approach to a topic that isn’t often found in the sea of how-to and recipe videos that populate YouTube’s massive DIY community.


Back in 2012 Rea began to realize that his chosen trade was slowly dying as more automated procedures and less labor intensive cuts of meat became the norm. In an effort to preserve some of the traditional skills of the profession, he did what any self-respecting member of the YouTube generation would. He turned the camera on himself and started narrating what he knew. His first video demonstrated how to prepare a big carcass and it accumulated several hundred views in a few days, tipping Rea off to the fact that he might be on to something.

Today Rea is a star who receives invitations to hunt and cook around the world. He says that his videos have recently been catching on here in America — a recent video demonstrated how to butcher a deer carcass. Even with food and cooking content taking off across YouTube butchery is still a relatively unmined niche, leaving Scott Rea as king of his own corner of YouTube. While he hopes to one day have a chance to publish his own cookbook or even his own cooking channel, for now he’s satisfied to be reaching so many people and passing on treasured skills to a new generation.

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