Hulu Saves The Mindy Project


Well, they did it —  against my better judgement Hulu has picked up The Mindy Project for a fourth season. What’s more, this season will be supersized with 26 episodes instead of Mindy’s usual 22. The quirky comedy was created by The Office alum Mindy Kaling, who also stars as an OB/GYN with a chaotic personal and professional life.


The show’s fate has been up in the air since its home network, FOX, decided to pull the plug last week after a season long ratings drop. As soon as the announcement was made, rumors began to circulate the streaming platform Hulu was in negotiations to rescue the show from cancellation. Mindy has never been a huge hit with large audiences but it has the devoted following and critical buzz that streaming platforms tend to love.


It’s not clear yet how many members of the show’s expansive and often underused supporting cast will be staying on for the Hulu season. When Community made the jump to Yahoo it shed several core cast members, though in this case that might be for the better. Mindy, which co-stars Chris Messina, Ed Weeks, Ike Barinholtz, Beth Grant, and Xosha Roquemore, has often been dinged by critics and fans for its uneven use of supporting cast members. An expanded season with a smaller cast might finally help the show to hit its stride, although there aren’t a lot of precedents for shows rescued by streaming roaring back into top form.

In any event the expanded season four is likely to be Mindy’s last. The show is close to hitting key syndication benchmarks, one of the many reasons it was widely expected to find a new home. The extra episodes will help the show to eek past the finish line and increase its future value to Universal. Fans will be treated to more time with Mindy and the gang and I will be silently rocking back and forth in a corner wish that Mindy Kaling was free to move on.

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