Joey Graceffa Comes Out In New Music Video

To say that fans have been speculating about Joey Graceffa’s sexuality for some time would be an understatement. The normally verbose daily vlogger has always been cagey about his dating life. He might spend 15 minutes spilling the details on his daily routine from hair styling to grocery shopping in his daily first person vlog, but when it comes to romance there’s never much to say. He might allude to missing someone, or to a past relationship that went awry, but gendered pronouns never enter into the equation. Everyone’s entitled to their privacy but that hasn’t stopped fans and followers from clambering for more details, and it looks like Graceffa might be ready to oblige.


In a new music video for his single “Don’t Wait” (above) he drops a bit of a bombshell by locking lips with a dude. Of course, this is YouTube, so don’t expect a major revelation without a sales pitch attached. Fans can get the full story if they pony up the cash for Graceffa’s book In Real Life which hits shelves May 19th. Is Joey Graceffa the latest YouTuber to turn his coming out process into a savvy business opportunity?

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