John Green Death Threats: Author Puts Twitter On Blast Over Acacia Brinley, ‘Looking For Alaska’ Casting Rumor

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It’s one thing to not like the casting choices for a movie — it’s another thing entirely to threaten death over them.

John Green, the superstar YouTube author who penned The Fault in Our Stars, Paper Towns, and Looking For Alaska is catching some serious blowback over the casting for the movie adaptation of Looking For Alaska — something, as John points out on Twitter, he is not even responsible for:

Death Threat

Amy Schumer

While not pointed at John specifically (at least not the ones we could find), the alleged death threats and anger seem to revolve around YouTube musician/actress and ex-girlfriend of O2L’s Sam Potteroff Acacia Brinley being given an audition for the movie.


Acacia was not confirmed to have a role in Looking For Alaska, a story about two friends trying to solve the death of another. As a result of the (SPOILER!) known plot point that Alaska, a girl, not a state in this context, dies in the book, fans have been using that to make snide asides about the actress rumored to be playing Alaska dying as well:

While it seems likely that fans fears are confirmed after Acacia posted and then deleted an image of the script (which another Twitter user screencapped), it doesn’t mean people should resort to making threats. Kids or not, this sort of stuff is pretty unacceptable to say or to post to someone’s social media! This is the sort of bullying habits that you are all always rallying against or pledging not to partake in.

Check out these tweets on the matter:


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Acacia Brinley


Frequently, we are taking creators to task over their use of their powers (or overuse) and their ability to sway fans. But that door goes both ways and creators shouldn’t be made to feel unsafe about the creative content they give the world.

“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” should be a maxim on Twitter and the rest of social media as well.

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