Joshua David Evans Discusses New YouTube Talk Show ‘What’s Up Internet’ & Dating Miranda Sings


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Joshua David Evans had the brains to start a YouTube-based talk show, the comedic chops to make it sizzle and the subscriber base to make it work. Now two episodes into the the talk show he started three months ago, paying for it all out of his own pocket, Joshua and the rest of us have seen the quality rise up and the potential for the show expand. In short: what he and his staff are doing seem to be working well.

The show, What’s Up Internet, borrows its format from the classic late night talk shows of yore — a monologue, a skit or two (some in the form of excellent fake commercials), and some interviews. The whole thing clocks in the 20-25 minute range, but with Joshua’s easy patter and interaction with the quippy and excellent Chris Ballinger, Joshua’s intro guy, it all moves much faster.

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Joshua, who is engaged to Colleen Ballinger of Miranda Sings fame, is a major talent already, but “What’s Up Internet” indicates he’s still got star wattage to burn. We’re just happy that NMR got to interview him early, before “Whats Up Internet” and Joshua blast into the stratosphere. Be sure to read our interview with Joshua below and then be sure to subscribe to Joshua’s channel — you can thank us later.

How did the idea for a YouTube Tonight Show come about?

About two years ago someone asked me, what would you do on YouTube if you had no boundaries? My immediate response was, “I wanna be the Jimmy Fallon of YouTube.” It was odd because I had never thought about it before that question had been asked. It just kinda popped into my head. Then I really thought about it…YouTube needs a “Tonight Show” themed series where all the internet talent can be interviewed in a polished yet relevant way to the web.

With Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon switching to more dynamic guest interactions and games (like your candy spitting game), do you feel a pull to do the same?

YouTube is known for challenges and personalities. I wanted to marry those things with what the Tonight Shows have been doing for years. So essentially, yes!

Whose idea was it to open your second episode with the screaming unicorn girl bit? Was she hard to track down?

I believe our producer Rebecca Zamolo pitched the idea first. I thought it was crazy to bring on a viewer and have her act and be a main player for the sketch in episode 2, but then it seemed crazy enough to be a brilliant idea. Then Rebecca, Jay Diaz (our director), and I fleshed out what that sketch would end up being. Unicorn Girl was very easy to get ahold of, seeing that she’s a consistent viewer and interacts with me on social media often. The power of social media, ya know?

What show host do you model yourself after?

A cross between Jimmy Fallon and Ellen’s shows.

Is there a trick to being an effective show host?

BE RELATABLE. Find your own groove and amplify that. Don’t try to be something you’ve seen, be down to earth and listen to your guests.

What did you not like the most about episode 1? Have you fixed it going forward?

SHEESH. I could make a list longer than Lindsey Lohan’s police records. I think we addressed it fully in Episode 2. Rather than focus on the negative, I’d like to look back on the pilot episode and be proud that we did it. Many people have ideas, few actually do something about them. My team and I worked hard and it came out of my own pocket. We obviously had issues and I feel like we handled each and every one of them for the next episode. I can’t wait to see what improvements we make for the next one.

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