“JUST DO IT!” – Shia LaBeouf Motivational Speech Is Parody Video Gold

We’re beginning to wonder what the internet did before Shia LaBeouf happened. First there was the classic video “Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf,” and now we have the actor-slash-weird-performance-artist shouting a motivational speech in front of a green screen. It’s the most perfect setup for a parody video in the history of ever.

LaBeouf’s impassioned speech, which is mostly him waving his arms and screaming “Do it! Just do it!” at the camera, is part of #INTRODUCTIONS, a collaboration with Fine Art undergraduate students at Central Saint Martins in London. It sounds like an intriguing project and it’s great that he’s supporting art students, but the internet seems more interested in how to use the green screen setup to get in on the joke — like this video of the most intense TED Talk ever.


This “Darth LaBeouf” Star Wars parody is so spot on it’s almost creepy:


He also looks right at home dancing a haka with the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team:


And what better way to pump yourself up than to join the Shia LaBeouf motivational speech yourself? (He probably didn’t mean “do it” in the “jump his bones” sense, but hey, who are we to judge artistic expression.)


Any more Shia LaBeouf motivational speech parodies out there? Let us know in the comments!