Justice League, RoboCop, Orlando Jones, and Clive Barker Join Machinima At Newfronts


The digital content Newfronts in New York are a chance for online video producers to show off their latest and greatest projects. For some that can mean unveiling a major new acquisition or a high profile partner. For Machinima, this year’s Newfronts were all about new content. Over the last year Machinima has worked hard to shed its image as a network catering to gamers and lean into its more expansive new slogan “Heroes Rise.” The new Machinima is all about games, comics, superheroes, and fandom culture. It’s a smart move given that hyper-engaged fans have propelled that type of content to the top of the box office, Nielsen ratings, and YouTuber charts in recent years.

This is Machinima’s first time at the Newfronts, but they didn’t waste any time. After touting its impressive stats and reach, Machinima CEO Chad Gutstein dove straight into unveiling its upcoming programming slate, which includes returning favorites and some exciting new collaborations. Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect from Machinima in 2015:

The Baka Chronicles: Gaming star JeromeASK will produce and star in a scripted series featuring his Minecraft character Baka as a server admin battling griefers, trolls, and other troublemakers on a multi-player Minecraft server.


Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles: The second season of Justice League: Gods and Monsters from acclaimed DC comics animated universe architect Bruce Timm will premiere on Machinima. The series features a darker alternate version of the iconic animated Justice League in which Superman is the son of the villainous General Zod, Wonder Woman was raised in the warrior traditions of Ares, and Batman is a bloodthirsty vampire. The second season will introduce new characters including Steel, Green Lantern, and Mary Marvel. Timm himself was on hand to discuss the series and unveil some concept art for the new characters.

Mary Marvel, Steel, and Green Lantern as they will appear in the JL:GaMC Universe


Robocops: The recent Robocop reboot met with mixed reviews but Machinima will revive the original version of the character in a comedic mashup series that combines Robocop with long running reality police program Cops.

Robocop himself made an appearance, seen here attempting to arrest Chief Content Office Daniel Tibbets


Clive Barker’s Creepypasta: Iconic horror master Clive Barker will put his own unique spin on the internet’s favorite urban legends with a series of adaptations based on popular Creepypastas. No word yet on which nightmares Barker will be bringing to life, but the presentation did namecheck fan favorites like Ben Drowned, Jeff The Killer and Slender Man.

Happy Wheels: Toby Turner will adapt his hugely popular gaming series into a scripted original based on the bloody and wildly popular game. Turner will star and the series will also feature the voices of other well known creators who have yet to be announced.

High School 51: Actor Orlando Jones recently exited his role on cult hit series Sleepy Hollow and now we know where he’s headed. Jones is headed to High School 51, an original series about an unusual school located in Area 51. The series is written by Roberto Orci (Alias, Transformers, Star Trek, Spider-Man) and will star Orlando Jones in his first web role since 2013’s Tainted Love, also on Machinima.


DC Hero Project: A sort of superhero Project: Runway in which Machinima creators participate in DC hero-themed challenges.

#4Hero: Another DC/Warner Brothers partnership. Machinima will adapt obscure but long running DC comic series Dial H For Hero for the social media age. After stealing an advanced smartphone a young woman is able to save the day by activating temporary super powers. There’s just one complication: the power she gets depends on what topics are trending on social media.

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