Kin Community Canada Announces Campaigns For Fries, Liquor, and Dry Shampoo


Kin Community Canada’s partnership with Corus Entertainment is paying off big with an avalanche of new sponsored campaigns for top creators.

On May 13th Kin creators Theodore Leaf, Alexandra Garza, and Carah Furry kicked off a fresh new campaign with Batiste Dry Shampoo. All three creators will feature the product on their channels in videos that will reach young woman in the key millennial demographic.


Kin will also launch a new series sponsored by Mark Anthony’s Palm Bay Liquor. The “Party Guide To Girls Night In” will feature Corus Radio and Corus TV creator-hosts Dani and Catherine. Videos featuring the pair will appear on Coral TV and be playlisted by Kin. This campaign is also aimed at young millennial females who are fast becoming one of the most desirable markets in online video.


For snack enthusiasts, Kin creators will work with McCain Superfries to support the brand’s #Modifry campaign. Cooking and lifestyle creators like Sara Lynn of Domestic Geek, The Healthy Vegan’s Heather Nicholds, Danielle Dimovski of Diva BBQ, and Chef Mike Ward will be just a few of the creators participating in the promotion. The centerpiece of the campaign will be a contest fans can enter to win $5000 toward a full kitchen renovation.

These are big moves for Kin Canada, which has become a world leader in online programming dealing with lifestyle, food, and domestic DIY.

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