Leeroy Jenkins, WoW Legend, Celebrates 10th Anniversary Today!

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Wanna feel old? Leeroy Jenkins, the ultimate World of Warcraft troll footage, is ten years old today! The infamous video shows footage from an online game in which a player goes AWOL before an attack on some enemies, resulting in everyone’s death.

Created on May 11, 2005, it is famously titled for the player shouting his own name, Leeeeeeeeeroy Jenkinnnnnnnns, during the attack, the video has garnered 43 million views on its official channel, but there are millions more views on homages, parodies, remixes and whatever else you want to call them.

The video has been shown over the past decade on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, its used as countess battle cries in military ops, and has even been turned into an achievable trophy on Blizzard’s World of Warcraft game. You can obtain it by killing “50 of the rookery whelps from the video within 15 seconds.” Whatever the hell that means.

And yet, for all of this — the footage is allegedly fake. Created by a gamer, Ben Schultz, he claims that it originated out of “drinking 40’s and everyone yelling at one another,” but whether it actually happened organically or was staged, Ben isn’t saying. If Leeroy Jenkins isn’t a real person, one can only speculate. But with such a legacy behind it, it essentially doesn’t matter — Leeroy is a part of the YouTube legacy.

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