Mad Max’s Furiosa Is Unbreakable In This Perfect Mashup

It is law in this day and age that if two things exist in pop culture at the same time, someone must mash them up. The results are typically mixed, but this one is a winner.

Someone took the undeniably catching and frankly downright empowering theme song from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and mashed up the video with footage from Mad Max: Fury Road. The result is an unbelievably rad ode to that film’s equally unbreakable protagonist, Imperator Furiosa.


The action heavy Mad Max franchise has traditionally been a bit of a bro-fest, but this latest installment in the loosely connected series has made waves with its overtly feminist themes as personified by Charlize Theron as the unspeakably badass Furiosa. Theron is nothing short of iconic in the role that finds her throwing down with warlords, over throwing the post-apocalyptic patriarchy, and pretty much stealing the whole movie out from under the titular Mad Max (as portrayed by a typically taciturn Tom Hardy).

Fans are already clambering for a Furiosa fronted sequel, but in the meantime this video anthem makes for the perfect fix of the futuristic female fury.