May the 4th Be With You: YouTube Celebrates Star Wars Day, Here Are 8 Of Those Videos

YouTube LOVES May the 4th — it combines two of their favorite things: pop culture nerd shit and puns. If they could stuff a cat and a Gamergate reference in there somewhere, this would be their perfect day.

For those of you who are confused: May the 4th, the calendar day, happens to coincide with a quote from the insanely popular, long-running sci-fi movie series Star Wars: “May the force be with you.” See how “May the 4th” sounds like “May the force…” as said by some fat guy with a lisp? That is reason enough for this punny day to exist in support of all things Star Wars. And as a result, we’ve decided to round up eight YouTube videos dedicated to today!

Live long and prosper … oh wait!

8. SoKrispyMedia

7. UCBComedy

6. Boogie2988

5. Riverside Guys

4. Bins Toy Bin

3. Star Wars France

2. Disney XD Official Channel

1. Mind Over Munch

There are a lot more videos out there, so if you are feeling courageous and/or lazy, feel free to look ’em up.

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