Meet Kristina Karo: An Interview With The Viral Pop Star Suing Mila Kunis Over A Chicken


If you haven’t heard of Kristina Karo then you probably haven’t been paying attention to the best piece of celebrity gossip that 2015 has to offer. Karo, an aspiring pop singer and YouTuber, claims that she is suing actress Mila Kunis for the theft of a prized pet chicken some 25 years ago. According to Karo, she and Kunis grew up in the same village in Ukraine. Young Kunis allegedly stole Karo’s pet chicken, “Doggie,” an event so traumatic that Karo says she wound up in therapy just to put it behind her.


Karo later moved to Los Angeles, Mila’s home turf, to launch her music career. Mila has been especially visible recently, starring in a string of high profile films. According to Karo, the constant visual reminders of her childhood nemesis brought back a flood of difficult memories. To cope, Karo has said she plans to file a $5000 lawsuit against Kunis claiming she was subjected to emotional distress.

Kunis has of course denied the allegations, but we were intrigued. A viral pop singer taking on one of Hollywood’s leading ladies? Interestingly, the allegations against Kunis surfaced at the same time as Karo’s latest music video for her single “Give Me Greencard.” The allegations have turned the song into a mini viral hit. Could that have been the goal all along? We decided to go straight to the source and learn a little bit more about Kristina Karo.

Karo’s latest music video, “Give Me Greencard” dropped just after she went public with her claims against Kunis.



New Media Rockstars: You have been on YouTube for a few years vlogging and posting music videos but your songs are having a moment right now, what has that been like for you?

Kristina Karo: First of all it is only 2 years, you make it sound like it is centuries.. haha.
It is a little bit painful that my music is getting popular because of my personal tragedy, but I guess in every bad there’s good too, and I am glad that finally people pay attention to my amazing art and music.

NMR: Your songs and story have gone viral, do you consider yourself an internet personality or is your goal a more traditional music career?

Karo: If by “traditional music career” you mean performing on huge stages all over the world and selling millions of albums – I won’t mind. YouTube is a great platform for me to be heard and seen and I love the fact that people can engage with me on the internet but it is important for everyone to understand that I don’t only exist on your computer – I am real artist and performer and you should come meet me at my next show.

NMR: In addition to posting music videos online you also vlog. What inspired you to start vlogging?

Karo: I have an extraordinary life and talent so for me not to share it with the world would be a total crime. I mean if this woman Kim Kardashian can have a show when all she does is say “Seriously” 300 times per episode and people find it interesting, what will they say about me?

NMR: Do you have a favorite YouTuber or someone you would enjoy collaborating with?

Karo: I would like to collaborate with DJ David Guetta, but it won’t be much of collaboration but more of a lesson – me showing him how it’s supposed to sound and look. Hopefully he won’t be like the other DJs who take singers and music producers who do everything and then take all credit for it. And after that I go to a show and see this DJ behind mixer playing w buttons and calls it a “show”.

Karo’s feelings about DJs are well documented



NMR: Who are your biggest musical influences?

Karo: I would have to reveal a secret here. I was always big fan of Madonna – emphasis on WAS. “Papa Don’t Preach” is such a revolutionary song…even though in my village we changed the lyrics a little bit it went something like “Papa please don’t make me marry my cousin just because we had sex one time and now I’m pregnant,” but nowadays I’m not a big fan. Instead of continuing to reinvent pop culture and herself now all she does is follows trends set by kids in the industry that could be her children. It is just embarrassing. I mean, senior lady, please give it a rest.

NMR: You’ve told several news outlets that you are suing the actress Mila Kunis for stealing your childhood pet chicken when you were both children. Have you had any contact with her since moving to the US?

Karo: I cannot disclose more than I have already said on this matter. My legal team advised me to keep quiet for now, but stay tuned for more development.

NMR: Your music career has received some attention as a result of the story. Has it been worth digging up all those unpleasant memories?

Karo: I won’t lie, it hurts like hell. You need to understand I came from a really poor place and this chicken “Doggie” was my only best friend. He was also my biggest fan too… You should have seen his face when I was singing to him he was not clucking or even making a move – the best audience ever.

NMR: Do you think the trauma you went through as a child influenced your music?

Karo: On some level – i think it did. For example last show I was singing “give me give me give me green card” but my heart was singing “give me give me give me Doggie”.

NMR: You’ve written several songs about how much you love America. Your latest song, “Give Me Greencard,” is all about your desire to stay in this country. What is it about America that you love so much? 

Karo: I grew up in Eastern Europe where opportunities, freedom and having a dream are a luxury. I believe America is always the land of opportunity, here you can be anyone you want to be and if you want it bad enough – the sky is the limit. I think the American dream is still alive and kicking. I can’t believe how some of the people who were born here take it for granted, they need to remember that for people like me it is a dream and a struggle. I mean look at me, all my talent and sexiness is not enough, they still don’t give me greencard.

NMR: Did you ever get that greencard?

Karo: Unfortunately not yet.



Her nemesis Mila Kunis might play an alien princess in her recent blockbuster flop Jupiter Ascending, but for my money Kristina Karo is the real empress of outer space.

It’s still not clear how serious Karo is about her poultry pinching charges against Mila Kunis. In a recent video Mila Kunis and boyfriend Ashton Kutcher laughed off the singer’s charges, saying that they hadn’t been served with any legal papers related to chicken theft. It’s certainly possible that Karo fabricated her claims in order to give her views a boost, but to be totally honest, I don’t blame her. It takes a lot to stand out on YouTube, and if a little fowl-play is what it took to bring an avant garde viral pop genius like Kristina Karo to the world’s attention then that’s a price I’m willing to pay. For better or worse, we’re all on the Karo Train now!


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