Mighty Magiswords: Cartoon Network’s First Digital Series Will Be Interactive


Cartoon Network is the latest television destination to premiere its own digital-only series. After dabbling in bringing web content to the airwaves as the home of The Annoying Orange TV show, Cartoon Network will debut a new adventure series Mighty Magiswords on its Cartoon Network Anything App.

The show is the latest brainchild of Kyle Carrozza, the mastermind behind The Spongebob Movie. The show focuses on a pair of siblings, Prohyas and Vambre, who work as adventurers for hire using a variety of magical swords imbued with unlikely and often silly properties and abilities. The show will air in 15 second “micro-shorts,” but unlike traditional programming, each small episode will be interactive. Each will include a moment of choice where viewers can impact the outcome of the scene by selecting which magic sword the characters use.

The show will be released on the app along with several mini-games before debuting on other Cartoon Network digital platforms, giving fans an added incentive to download Anything. Cartoon Network has been dabbling in delivering content digitally for some time, but up until now the Anything App has mostly been home to bitesized standalone content. Magiswords will be the first recurring feature on what is being described as a micro-network.

Check out a trailer for the new show above and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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