(Mis)Adventures with Ipsy — May Glam Bag Review


Last month I decided to give Ipsy a try, and this week I received my very first Glam Bag in the mail. Since we’re practically required by law to tell everyone on the internet what we got this month, here’s my contribution.

Now, fair warning — I managed to get all the way through high school, college and my late 20s without learning how to use beauty products properly, so I’m kind of learning all this as I go. And yet somehow, I am still the most qualified person in the NMR office to talk about it. My announcement that I’d joined Michelle Phan’s popular beauty service went something like this: “Hey, I signed up for Ipsy.” “What’s Itsy?” “No no, Ip-sy.” “Ohhhhh, you mean Etsy.” “IPSY.”


If you don’t know what Ipsy‘s all about yet, it’s a monthly subscription service for beauty product samples that you get for $10 a month. You start by filling out an online survey about things like your skin tone and eye color, what kind of style you like (are you “Glamorous” or more “Natural”?) and what kinds of beauty products you want. As you receive Glam Bags in the mail, you can leave reviews for the items you get and Ipsy will tailor your shipments to better suit you.

My only complaint with the process is that Ipsy put me on a waiting list when I first joined, refused to disclose how long the wait was, and then pestered me to spam my way out of it. (They don’t charge you until they send your first shipment, fortunately.) “All you have to do is follow all our social media accounts and tweet about us and personally recommend us to ten of your Facebook friends!” the website kept insisting.

Kind of weird to pressure me into recommending a service I haven’t had a chance to try yet, but oh well. Ten puzzled high school classmates later, I was off the list and ready to receive my first Ipsy shipment.

Keep reading to find out what I got and maybe tell me what the heck it’s for!

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