Modern Art Unleashes Armageddon in “Whole Day Down” — Patrick Breen & Tai Fauci (INTERVIEW)

In the “Town Car Willie” spinoff, I like how post-apocalypse there are still Uber drivers in the lava-flooded streets of Los Angeles. How did you come up with that idea?

Tai: I’m pretty sure Willie’s the only one driving. I’m not entirely sure but I feel like he’s the only one on the app, so if you need a ride, Willie’s your guy.

Patrick: He’s so motivated, he knows he might get another job out of it if he keeps at it.

Tai: Originally we had seven episodes in our season; now we have six. We ended episode five on this big cliffhanger, and we thought it would be fun if we had Episode 6 have nothing to do with anything, and just follow Willie during his day job as a chauffeur. So we had a bunch of people come in and it ended up being 22 minutes of just great stuff. I called Patrick and said “Maybe we should do it as a spinoff.” It just took on a life of its own.

Patrick: What I’m hoping is, we do another spinoff of “Town Car Willie” and the episodes are only 30 seconds.

Tai: Like, it’s Patrick sitting around in silence with his wife while Willie’s driving. He’s massaging Hunter’s feet. What is Patrick doing?

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Speaking of Patrick’s wife, Missi Pyle recently joined the cast and she’s a new actress for the character. How did she get involved in the project?

Patrick: She’s an old friend of mine, because we were in Galaxy Quest together, and [Season 1 actress] Elisa Donovan couldn’t do it anymore because she had a baby or some stupid reason.

Tai: She had a baby and she moved to San Francisco.

Patrick: Really, really bad reasons — she didn’t like us. But I don’t care, it’s web! What I wanted was to have a different woman play my wife every episode, but that got a little confusing, a little hard to schedule. That’s the kind of thing I like — we don’t need to mention that there’s a different person playing her.

It’s alluded to at one point — Willie says “Ever since you had the baby you’re like a completely different woman.” Missi’s having a lot of fun with the part.

Patrick: Oh, she tears it up.

Tai: She’s hilarious. She really plays. She f*cking goes for it, man.