Modern Art Unleashes Armageddon in “Whole Day Down” — Patrick Breen & Tai Fauci (INTERVIEW)

wdd 4

It definitely looks like you guys are having a great time on set.

Patrick: We’re so lucky to have everybody. Everybody who shows up is really game — they’re working for nothing, they’re all calling in favors from friends. I’ve been working for quite a long time and I know a lot of funny people. It was just a big couch and I made sure we had food, so what else do you need? Coffee, maybe.

The world in this web series is so fruitful. It’s like a ball pit for your best friends at Chuck-E Cheese, and you can say whatever you want. We had a sort of script, but for “Town Car Willie” we just wrote scenarios and let the actors go at it. Really, once you have that calibre of people on your set saying your words, you just have to figure out where to put the camera. And we had a blast.

My favorite bit of dialogue was from Missi — I had to look up what kegeling is….

Patrick: That’s the thing, we’re trying to educate everyone! Don’t talk down. Always talk up.

Tai: She’s “kegeling like a motherf*cker”! Can you say that in your article?

I might have to throw an asterisk in there, but I’ll work around it. Anything else you’d like to mention?

Patrick: Were we too sincere? We didn’t lie enough.

Tai: I know! I was going to say it took us so long to put out the episodes because I was suffering from logizomechanophobia, which is a fear of computers. Patrick put me into a rehab facility and it took about a year in there, but I finally got better, so I got back on the computer and finished editing the show.

Patrick: Yeah, they start you on an abacus, and then you move up technically…

Tai: There was a Comodore 64 in there somewhere, a typewriter…

Patrick: And the reason I couldn’t help is I had greyscale, that disease where you turn to stone — I’ve been watching Game of Thrones. I came down with a very slight case of greyscale. The maesters managed to cure it.


There you have it. New episodes of “Whole Day Down” come out on Tuesdays, and “Town Car Willie” airs on Fridays. Share this article to spread the word.