Nash Grier Movie The Outfield Gets Teaser Trailer From Fullscreen Films

So this is the teaser that the MCN Fullscreen just released during their NewFronts presentation. For the new Nash Grier film, this clip is just a teaser of a forthcoming trailer, but I’m not even sure what it’s teasing. We get a baseball player, rocking Michael Jordan’s number, running out to the outfield … what’s that? The movie’s called The Outfield? Oh, well that makes sense then, I guess. Looks like he’s running a long way.

Cameron Dallas and Joey Bragg also star.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 3.45.31 PM

According to the notes from the YouTube channel: “The Outfield is a coming of age story that follows three varsity baseball players, as they enter their senior year of high school and navigate difficult choices on and off the field.”

So there you go. You now know as much as we do.

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