Newest Internet Trend Is Not A Meme Says StumbleUpon, It’s A Remix!

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For those of you who like to study and observe the internet as if it were a beast in the wild (you’re the same people who subscribe to the “Theory of Reddit” subreddit), you might consider the content aggregator site StumbleUpon.

They’re the ones who are predicting the rise of the hamster as the new internet pet of choice and are seeking to analyze any and all trends to figure out what is hot and what is only masquerading as “hot.” And now they’re back with new a prophecy: the listicle is dead.*

*Okay, it’s not entirely dead, but according to StumbleUpon, internet users have gotten wise to clickbait. They’re no longer interested in classic tricks such as “You’ll never believe these 300 crazy haircuts ….” Instead, they are seeking out remixes on classic ideas. The example StumbleUpon gives is “If you add drunk people to fitness quotes, things get hilarious.”

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I can already imagine how that would be hilarious. And considering that it is StumbleUpon’s job to know these things, I suggest taking their word that this will be/is the future.

Of course you can also go there to check things out for yourselves. It’s pretty easy to use: you select a few interests and they find you applicable articles that you can thumbs up/thumbs down. It’s sort of a Pandora for web articles. In the meantime though, if you are looking to create content that will score views going forward, make it a remix.

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