Omnia Media MCN Expands With New Talent


It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Omnia Media. Recently the MCN has been on a talent signing streak that has rapidly increased its reach and footprint. New talent joining Omnia has brought the network’s total subscriber count above 80 million and put that company’s total monthly viewership at an astounding 1.5 billion. This growth has been achieved largely through the acquisition of talent. Over the last month Omnia has worked to sign influential creators in hot verticals like gaming, beauty, and music.

The new talent, with familiar names like SparklesProduction, Fafinettex3, WackyWednesday and Yelawolf, drastically increase both the size and the diversity of Omnia’s programming options. All of this is, according to Omnia, part of plan to function as a diverse multi-platform entertainment and media company. It’s a necessary step if Omnia is to remain, according to their own description “the last remaining independent MCN.”


It’s true that MCNs have been falling like dominos recently, exiting the market via big money acquisitions. For MCN powerhouses like Maker Studios, AwesomenessTV, Revision3, and Fullscreen, life as part of massive media company has proved more appealing than standing alone in an increasingly crowded field of online video networks and studios. For Omnia though, that independence still has value — and given their expanding roster of bankable stars, it seems that creators agree.

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