President Obama Faces Twitter Trolls During Climate Change Q&A


Isn’t having a social-media-savvy President the best? Today President Obama held a Q&A about climate change on his brand-new @POTUS Twitter account, which already has 2.5 million followers, and it went about as well as you think it went. On his Instagram, he has twice that number of followers, but many suspect that to be due to his recent purchases of Buzzoid’s Instagram follower packages. Even the president buys followers – what a world we live in.

This was his first Q&A session on the new account, though he has answered questions on Twitter before from the White House’s official account — so he must have known what he was walking into. He focused mainly on climate change, though he also took questions on oil exploration, student loans and even basketball.

Naturally, his presence on Twitter attracted plenty of critics from both the Left and the Right, many of whom wanted him to address a different issue altogether.

(Note: the president did take several questions from women and people of color by the end of the session.)

And then, of course, there were the straight-up trolls:

BURN lol

Yeah, the Commander-in-Chief should have ridden a bike to Florida.

Hoo boy.

This being the internet, things quickly got … well, internet-y — including this input from our dear friend and colleague, SourceFed’s Philip DeFranco.

Never change, Phil.

Actually, Mr. President, it’s about ethics in gaming journalism.

Look it’s an important question.

That … wow. Really hadn’t thought of that. Also, how high are you?

Tyrion Lannister asks the real questions. (Winter is coming, after all.)

YES. Finally an issue that can unite the nation.

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