Radio Host Called ‘Child Groomer’ By Redditors

The court of public opinion has come to order on Reddit once again. And this time, right or wrong, they’ve decided Anthony Cumia, the ex-host of the incredibly popular Opie & Anthony Show, is a child predator of sorts.

Calling the former host a “groomer,” which in the parlance of modern slang means someone who is much older who has sex with teenagers (thanks Urban Dictionary!), several Redditors who frequent r/TACSWithChip (The Anthony Cumia Show With Chip) are alleging that Anthony was guilty of sending expensive gifts to a person he thought was a 14-year-old girl.

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Of course, because this is the internet, that 14-year-old girl turned out to be a 41-year-old man. The man, who posted comments as a fake Twitter account SelfCuttingGirl alleges he received gifts including a Macbook.

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Yeah, Anthony Cumia allegedly got catfished.

Detailing it all on Pastebin, the catfisher who apparently goes by the handle BigGiantHead provided no evidence of any interaction other than a detailed and honest-seeming story — not exactly a chore for someone who alleges that they spend their time catfishing though.

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While the story of Anthony getting catfished was posted two years ago, only recently has the discussion come to light on Reddit with different users making allegations about the satellite radio shock jock’s proclivities and who on his staff may or may not be involved with it all.

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Anthony was fired from the Opie & Anthony Show over an off-screen brouhaha in which he was involved in a racially-involved incident which then turned into a racially-fueled Twitter tirade. No good, Anthony, no good. Perhaps seeking to stem the tide on this new incident, the show host, who now runs his own program on satellite radio, jumped on Reddit to defend himself, utilizing a verified account he’d once made to do an AMA.

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To be fair, he’s had to address these claims before and then as now maintains that it all never happened. Of course, his alleged then-girlfriend said otherwise.

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But there are many on Reddit who are sticking to their guns on the controversy.

And while Reddit has never been known for its levelheadedness when it comes to accusations, they do claim to have a tweet from Anthony acknowledging he was catfished. So for now, we are reserving judgment and just trying to make sense of everything that has gone down thus far. There have been too many incidents where the internet has rushed to judgment on an issue only to have the legal process come to a different opinion.

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While there might not be any legal tenets involved in this case so far, it’s certainly causing a stir on Reddit. And that’s worth keeping an eye on.

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