Reddit Reveals Nightmare Roommate Stories. How Do Yours Stack Up?


Everyone has a bad roommate story. Between college and the soaring price of housing we’ve all been forced to cohabitate with people that we’d probably prefer to keep at a distance. Whatever your roomie horror story might be, chances are the legions of Reddit can top it. A recent thread on the mammoth message board produced some gems that are barely to be believed…except that we totally believe it. Here are some of our favorites. Be warned, these get dark.

It’s one thing if you don’t trust your roommate to water your plants, it’s another when you can’t trust them to stop your apartment from flooding.


I mean…someone had to invent the lettuce wrap.


I’m pretty sure my parents would have loved it if my college roommate was like this.


This brings new meaning to nightmare roommate.


But at least they paid rent right?


These are all pretty horrifying, but can you do better? Tell us your worst roommate nightmares in the comments below.