Reddit Skewers SuperGirl Television Series For Being Bad SNL Joke About Female Superheroes

So, dish ...

So, dish …

Saturday Night Live understands all too well the stigma associated with girl superheroes:

Girls don’t really want action, adventure and buttkicking, they want fashion, Chinese food and the support of a man. Of course that isn’t true, but SNL joked as much when they made this excellent trailer for a Black Widow standalone movie when Scarlett Johansson hosted earlier this month:

And then, with the release of the Supergirl trailer yesterday — CBS’ attempt to get into the “progressive superhero game,” Redditors noticed shocking similarities between the two trailers — one an over-the-top parody, the other a serious attempt to be a television show. In fact, shocking is probably an understatement — this parody Black Widow trailer IS the trailer for Supergirl, right down to the eating Chinese food, vegging and pining about a guy.

Considering how we’ve previously covered the studios’ inability to grasp telling a proper female superhero story, maybe it’s time that Hollywood start taking notes from Reddit?

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