Reddit Video Launches: Will Video AMAs Change Everything?


Shakespeare said that all the world is a stage, but he also lived in the 14th century and never used toothpaste so what does he know. The truth, at least in 2015, is that all the world is a video screen. Every day it seems that more and more companies are jumping on the online video bandwagon and creating digital programming for the web. After years of being used as a source by content creators, Reddit will finally join the online video arms race.

Reddit has recruited Stephen Greenwood and Jordan Oplinger, who formerly led the video team at news and entertainment website The Verge, to launch their video division. Reddit Originals will soon begin producing a variety of short and long form video series as well as one-off videos based on the tremendous amount of content generated by the site’s users.

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian announced the move


Reddit has become a cultural force using only text, a relative rarity in this age of online video. Reddit’s hugely popular AMA (Ask Me Anything) series has attracted huge amounts of attention online. Celebrities, entrepreneurs, and world leaders have all participated in the freewheeling question sessions on the site, with everyone from President Obama to William Shatner submitting themselves to a flood of questions from Reddit’s super active userbase.

In many ways Reddit’s jump into video is overdue. Reddit’s huge user base and diverse collection of communities have been a source for content creators for years now. Everyone from Buzzfeed staffers to YouTubers routinely plunder the site’s many forums and threads looking for ideas, jokes, memes, and inspiration. Machinima recently announced it would produce a series with horror master Clive Barker based on the internet urban legends known as Creepy Pastas, a phenomenon that was born on Reddit.  If Reddit can successfully harness the power of its own users as effectively as the rest of the internet has then they’ll be sitting on a content goldmine.

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