San Andreas Looks Even More Terrible Without The Special Effects

San Andreas, the ludicrous disaster movie that we literally cannot stop talking about, looks even worse without the film’s special effects team to spice things up.

After a seismologist tore the movie apart (at the premiere screening, no less!), San Andreas cannot catch a break. Some recent clips from behind the scenes have been released and the internet can’t help to to think just how ridiculous it all looks. Take for example, the actual earthquake which appears to be a bit of leg wobbling and dropping to the ground:

San Andreas Actors

This daring rescue…

San Andreas Rescue

… just doesn’t look as good before all that cut and polish:

San Andreas Rescue No FX

That sheer cliff looks so dangerous!

San Andreas Cliff

Stand and be awed at the line of blue sheets and cones!

San Andreas Cliff 2

But on the flip side, you really have to hand it to these stunt guys, they really do sell it, even without the effects:

San Andreas Stunt

Let’s be real though — while VFX are pretty much the backbone of an ever more complicated film process, some movies still look incredible even without the assistance of digital effects. Mad Max recently had its before-and-after VFX shots released and I’d still watch the hell out of that movie.