Shakespeare Web Series “Titus and Dronicus” Will Be Better Than The Original (Not Really)

I’ve been enjoying the web series community digging deeper into Shakespeare — New Zealand indie favorite “Nothing Much To Do” is totally worth a look, as is “Jules and Monty” — so I’m looking forward to “Titus and Dronicus,” which is about to wrap up a successful Kickstarter campaign.

The web series is a comedy about two private eyes in Los Angeles, Titus and Dronicus (get it? see what they did there?) investigating crimes inspired by Shakespeare — “Murders, blackmails, missing persons, twin confusion, rape, cannibalism, cross-dressing… A lot of cross-dressing. So much cross-dressing.”

The series is from theater and production company Better Than Shakespeare, who debuted their first production “Much Ado About Something” at the Hollywood Fringe Festival to rave reviews last year. It’s co-created by playwrights Megan Kelly, Madhuri Shekar and Seamus Sullivan.

So will the show really be better than the source material? I mean, how hard could it be.

titus 2

“So yeah, I guess we ARE fixing Shakespeare.”

“No-one has ever modernized the settings for Shakespeare, so that kind of innovation is really exciting and satisfying,” Megan jokes in their Kickstarter announcement. “Shakespeare wasn’t really an innovator. We’ve cleaned up the plots and tightened them — they were kind of a mess. His characters are pretty shallow. And our language is really rich, there’s a real poetry to it.”

They already passed their $4,400 goal after one week, which should give you an idea of the group’s popularity; but now they’re going for a stretch goal of $6,940 to fund new locations, better equipment and professional art direction, among other things. The campaign ends in six days, so head over to their Kickstarter page to help them out.

Look for Season 1 to premiere by the end of July.


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