Shocking Infographic Reveals How Many Workers Have Died Because of #FIFA

Fifa Qatar Death Toll

A shocking infographic comparing the deaths of World Cup labor further proves the abuses in Qatar are worse than any previous laborers have faced in the past.

The stunning graphic comes on the heels of 14 indictments by the US government on FIFA, cracking down on the alleged system of bribes and kickbacks that were fielded through US banks. At least nine of those indicted are considered to be the most powerful men in the football world.

Qatar’s kafala labor system inextricably ties workers to their employers in a disturbing slave/master style, in which employers can confiscate passports and withhold pay at their leisure. Nepalese workers, who make up 20% of the labor force, were denied leave to attend the funerals of loved ones who passed during the massive earthquake that struck their homes last month.

Recently, several creators across the internet edited and recreated the logos of FIFA sponsors to protest the human rights abuses in Qatar. The organization has continually been criticized across social media for the deaths over over 900 migrant workers building the World Cup stadium in what is tamely called unsafe and poor working conditions.

You can view the gallery of these logos down below:

Qatar World Cup Logo Protest (3)

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